A list of my Dev.to articles👇

Polkadot: create your first Rust Substrate smart contract, upload it and interact with it 🚀 [Video]
From template to decentralised app using Substrate !ink smart contracts. #Polkadot #Substrate
🔥Persistent store with VueJS, VueX and VueX Persisted State 🔥
Let’s make our VueJS web app store things locally, in a persisted way!
🔥🔥🔥How to connect a powerful brushless motor from drone to Raspberry PI using Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)🔥🔥🔥
Let’s see ho we can control a brushless motor using drone spare parts!
I finally received my amazing dev.to merch! 🔥
Scrolling... Scrolling... RecyclerView for Android with Kotlin!
Tutorial on how to create a simple RecyclerView with Kotlin for Android
Access inaccessible: SSH tunnelling 🔥🔥🔥
SSH tunnels with examples
Full Web App + CI/CD pipeline in a Hammer Way! 🔨🔥🛠
Let’s build a full Web App project with pipeline in a hammer way!
How to build your own primitive surveillance system with Raspberry Pi in less than one hour 🔥
Raspberry Pi + WebCam surveillance tutorial
My brief path of being a Software Engineer 🔥
Here is how I started!
I’m a Junior Software Engineer, Ask Me Anything!
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