Ledger, you broke again. And then fixed. Kudos.

...and again we had an issue with Polkadot on Ledger Live. Before it was impossible to unbond funds while this time it was impossible to withdraw them to make available for transfer. *as a side note: when you unbond DOT after 28 days you need another transaction called "withdraw" which makes your funds available, until then - it is... well... locked.


This time I'm very pleased that Ledger happened to release update quite fast, and it didn't really impact any operations, thank you for that. Update was swiftly pushed to app manager and after a quick installation - voila, withdraw succeeded.

At some point I wish a more close collaboration between Polkadot and Ledger existed to sync on the updates to make sure no surprises for users occur.

And yet I still prefer Ledger over other hardware wallets.