My Saturday build!

I love science, electronics, engineering... And simply can't waste a weekend without doing something interesting :)

This time I dedicated full day to build a radio-controlled car powered by Arduino.

It has 8-channel radio transmitter which I took from a broken drone and allows to be controlled remotely.

Front steering base is using a stepper motor for turning car left and right.

Rear-wheel drive is juiced by a 12V DC motor, which is sufficient to move vehicle pretty fast (but not fly of course).

There were so many cables, that I had to separate each of them depending on which part of a car they are connected to (I counted over 50+ connections).

Unfortunately I somehow managed to burn L293D chip which I used to control main motor (and still unsure what went wrong, since soldered everything perfectly fine 😁). That's why you can see external second temporary chip which I used to troubleshoot the issue. L293D requires two power supplies: one for chip itself (usually 5V) and the one for motors (up to 2 DC motors with 36V max).

Let's see how it goes!

Nick Shulhin

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