One month stats here! *Impressed* 😮

As you may know, I started to update my YouTube channel with new vlogs and videos. I got a great Sony a6400 shooter which helps to to create content of supreme quality (at list from image perspective 😅)...

A lot of my colleagues and friends inspired for video topics, such as: difference between Computer Science and IT, how to find a job after graduation and mistakes of Junior Software Engineer. Video list already looks pretty impressive:

It is growing!

One of the things I actively work on is to diversify the content and decide which would be the core idea behind the channel: will it be tech-related series or software engineer vlog, lifestyle or development? Most likely I will simply push whatever idea comes to my head and after - let's see 😁

After I received my *first* official YouTube creator mail with stats, it became clear that channel is definitely growing! Look at this:


It is pretty impressive to see 7 new subscribers, over a thousand minutes watched as well as 19 shares and 23 likes - that is impressive!

One more time, thanks a lot for your support and views, it is incredibly inspiring to see people commenting and sharing their thoughts on my videos - it gives a kind of community vibe 😊

Stay tuned! 🔥

Nick Shulhin

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